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If your goal is to be fitter, stronger and leaner this is for you. 

1. Managing Expectation

If you've tried to get fit and healthy before, maybe joined a gym or a Yoga class, only to get sore, sick, tired or overwhelmed then your unconscious mind has the expectation that you probably wont succeed next time around. The first step in making sure you dont 

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2. Corrective Exercise

Once you've been assessed and we know what's going on, this initial phase of training corrects any imbalances and area's of dysfunction.

The focus here is on your structure and how your body holds itself while standing still and while moving. This phase of training will:

  • Improve Posture

  • Restore Function to Inhibited muscles

  • Stabilise Weak Joints

  • Rehab your injuries

  • Prepare for more aggressive stages of training to come

  • Build a solid-as-rock foundation         


3. Sports Specific Functional Training


This stage builds on the foundation you created in the corrective phase of training. Functional means that the outcome of the exercise matches the movement needs of the trainee.

In this phase we focus on the way you move specifically. In the corrective phase, above, we break movements that you use regularly down into component parts and strengthen weaknesses. In the functional phase we bring those movements back together and focus on the quality of your movement. 

During this stage of training you will:

  • Improve the quality of movements you use in your sport or activity.

  • Build strength in those movements

  • Improve mobility relative to movements.

This enhances performance and makes sure you that you are functioning at your best.

4. Strength, Speed and Power

This is the final phase of rehabilitation. This is where we focus specifically on building strength, speed and power. This phase of training focuses on lifting heavy and doing so quickly to ensure you are ready for the demands of your sport. If you are an endurance athlete this stage will be very brief. For strength and contact sport athletes this stage will be longer as we bring your strength, speed and power up to the level that you need. 

  • Be stronger, faster and more explosive

  • Achieve new PB's

  • Bulletproof yourself against injury

  • Build a body you love to look at

This phase of training not only enhances performance but ensures your previous sources of injury are more than ready for the demands of your sport. 


During your consult we will:

  • Problem Solve To Discover What The Root Cause Of Your Pain or Health Challenge May Be

  • Discuss Why Your Previous Attempts To Get Well May Have Failed

  • Uncover What Potential Roadblocks To Healing You Face

  • Create A Rough Plan Of What You Need To Do To Ensure You Heal Properly Once and For All

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