Strength Coach, Health Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Founder of Wise Moves


All my programs are satisfaction guaranteed! My promise to you is that as long as you commit to your program you will succeed in achieving what you set out to achieve.


I will take you on a journey from pain and illness to health and healing, from a body that seems to weigh you down to one that looks and functions the way it was designed to.




Rather than ‘treat’ you I coach you
This approach differs from the treatment model that doctors, physios and other practitioners use. While being treated is often useful and necessary, you're not engaged with the process. You're passive, as the therapist, doctor, pill or procedure seeks to fix your problems for you. I aim to address the underlying root cause of chronic pain, recurrent injuries and complex health challenges so that you can enjoy life knowing your health problem is in the past.

My Comprehensive Assessment

My functional orthopaedic assessment looks at everything from postural and spinal mechanics to core function and movement quality analysis. I assess every organ and gland system, your diet and lifestyle and even your psyche to get to the bottom of what's really causing your problems .

A Unique holistic system

This system is holistic meaning I view each person as a system of interconnected systems and see the links not only between each system within the body but between your exercise, mindset, environment, diet and lifestyle. In other words, by seeing how the body works as a whole we are able to address symptoms at their root.

Better than before

Pre-injury condition wasn’t good enough to prevent injury or illness in the first place so I take people beyond pre-injury condition further towards their physiological potential, optimal health and peak performance.  It’s only by doing this that I can ensure that an issue is overcome for good.

About Wise Moves

Wise Moves offers transformative health and performance programs to anyone wanting to take their body to the next level. I combine exercise, coaching and education to overcome pain, recurrent injuries and health challenges for good.

I work with people of all shapes and sizes to problem solve complex health challenges, recurrent injuries and chronic pain and with athletes of all levels to achieve peak performance and personal bests.

I tailor make health and performance programs based on my unique assessment process and in depth understanding of the functioning of the human body as a whole.

By addressing the root cause of an issue, rather than just treating symptoms, I coach an individual to overcome pain and health challenges for good.


What our clients have to say about wise moves...

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CCO About My Brain Institute

"Gus has a wealth of knowledge about the body, mind, nutrition and exercise psychology. He has helped me correct multiple areas of my body (including chronic neck and back pain) that were not working well and affecting my ability to continue exercising normally. I feel so much better and I cannot recommend Gus enough. He has a real gift!"

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"I've known Gus for many years and saw first hand the long and arduous process he underwent to overcome his own injuries. I myself have been dealing with injury for over 5 years. Gus has managed to help me from being in pain everyday to being almost completely out of pain. In the process he ensured that my muscle mass was maintained and my physique felt and looked strong. I have learnt SO much from my time with Gus and could not be more appreciative of the time and effort he has put into helping me, most of which has been outside of our hourly sessions as I am constantly traveling with work. Thanks Gus!!"

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"I have been training with Gus for the last 18 months. As an exercise
and lifestyle coach he has an exceptional understanding of
biomechanics, lifestyle challenges and exercise prescription. I am a lot stronger than I have ever been, my technique has improved in leaps and bounds and I feel great. I strongly recommend Gus to any person who is serious about

being injured less and performing at your best."

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