Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching

The 1-2-3-4 of Creating Health and Happiness

To get you started on your journey to optimal health I want to find out where you’re currently at in certain key areas and to see exactly what patterns are running within you.


I use a series of questionnaires and a food, exercise and sleep diary as a subjective analysis before ordering any objective testing or referring out to any other necessary practitioners.

As with my orthopaedic testing, this method of testing gives us the whole picture and allows me to track down the root cause of your health challenge.

Seeing the whole picture means seeing how your symptoms fit into the larger picture of your diet and lifestyle behaviours and the constant effect they have on your body and psyche

1 love 


Your 1 Love.png

Your 1 Love is your overarching dream or what it is you are aspiring to achieve in life. This may be to simply be free of your current health challenge.


We know from pain science (and I believe this carries over to symptoms of any sort) that the more you focus on your pain (or other symptoms) the worse it gets. So the most vital thing you can do to achieve your health goals is to have a positive dream to focus on.


The first step (which may be the only step we work on during your coaching with us) is to have you in optimal health.


A healthy body is central to a happy life. Without this it’s very hard to enjoy anything at all. Yet we all tend to take health for granted until such a time as it’s no longer there.


It’s for this reason that it’s imperative that before we do anything else you know what this motive is, know what inspires you, what is it that sets your soul on fire, and that excites you enough to make healing worthwhile


No doubt, things like your family, your work, hobbies etc are at the top of your list of priorities. Ask yourself this - can I enjoy any of those things without a healthy, vital body?

The 2 forces

The 2 Forces I’m talking about here are known as Yin and Yang. In Chinese Taoist philosophy they are the underpinning energy inherent in all that exists.


They are 2 complementary forces that are seen in all seemingly opposite things. You can think of them as being symbolic rather than objective and measurable.

Yang represents activity, heat, dryness, alertness, output etc. Yin represents rest, coolness, moisture, relaxation, nurturing, nourishment etc.

Modern lives are overly yang. We do too much and rest too little.


We have bright lights on in the night when our bodies are seeking darkness, we drink coffee when we’re tired and exhaust ourselves in the gym. At the same time we don’t get enough sleep, don’t drink enough water or eat the food our bodies need.


When one force dominates we see imbalance and dysfunction. 


This stage of coaching is about restoring balance to the 2 forces in your life so that you can live a vibrant healthy happy life

2 Forces.png

Your 3 choices

At every juncture in life you will be faced with 3 choices - one optimal, one sub optimal and the choice to do nothing, the choice of apathy.


The optimal choice is the one that will bring you closer to your dream and the things you want in life. 


The sub-optimal choice will move you further away from it. 


Apathy is choosing to do nothing


While a sub optimal choice will result in more pain it actually isn’t such a bad thing.

Apathy is what keeps you stuck and unable to move forward.

As horrible as pain and dis-ease are they motivate you to change. It’s likely these that are motivating you to read this page right now, right!? This is the pain teacher at work. 

Seeing your problems in this light allows you to view them in a new way and to transform what might seem like a hopeless position into a challenge that comes with it the gift of growth.

the 4 doctors

The 4 Doctors are your own internal physicians.

We will come back to them again and again.  


They symbolise your choices around what makes you happy, what you eat, how you rest and how you move energy in your life.

Dr Diet and Dr Quiet are Yin doctors. They help balance our fast paced overly yang lives. 

Dr Happiness and Dr Movement are Yang. They ensure you are spending your energy in ways that are good for you.


When you are working with Dr Diet you are learning to nourish yourself nutritionally.

Dr Quiet teaches you the importance of slowing down and resting.


Dr Happiness is your inner guide. He teaches you to live life on your own terms.


Dr Movement teaches you to move well.


When you work with the 4 doctors you are taking responsibility for your health and the state of your body and putting it in your own hands. 

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