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We're all athletes, like it or not! 


The human body is designed for an extremely high level of physical development and doesn't fair well with sedentary living. 


Whether you need to run faster, jump higher and tackle harder on the field or just need to lift shopping out of the car... 

training for strength will help you. Those who train strength are faster, more explosive and more agile, less likely to get injured, have stronger bones and even better mental health.




The corrective phase looks at your assessment results and bringing you to a normal state so that you can heal. The functional stage is specific to the needs of your given sport or activities of daily living. 


Most therapists aim at returning you to pre-injury condition. In my experience this just results in re-injury, especially if you’re an athlete. Your pre injury condition wasn’t good enough to stop you getting injured in the first place, was it? 


In order to bulletproof you against re injury we need to take you beyond pre injury condition and ensure you’re strong enough, fit enough and healthy enough to resist injury should you find yourself in the same position as you were injured last time.


You may be pain free walking around a physio’s office on a flat surface but does that hold up 60 mins into a rugby game with the sun in your eyes? Or if you’re on an uneven muddy down hill slope 4 days into a hike? 


The functional strength stage uses what I like to call the Hybrid Strength System to ensure you’re stronger, faster, fitter and more powerful than you’ve been in the past. 



We look carefully at the needs of your sport or activity (that may just be carrying groceries from the car and gardening on the weekends) and make sure you’re conditioned in a way that allows a big enough buffer should conditions not be ideal, that you don’t get injured again

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