Once we’ve assessed you, not only will we know what’s really at the root of your problem but we’ll know what needs to be done about it. 


The corrective phase of training is where we correct posture, stabilise joints, address the compensations and imbalances that may have come as a result of your pain and past injuries and basically just get the whole thing moving better and working as it should. 

This phase of raining pays particular attention to strengthening of the deeper muscles and muscle fibres that tend not to get so much work using conventional resistance training techniques


This phase looks different for everyone depending on your level of fitness, injury history, current time restraints and the results of your assessment. If you’re in pain your corrective program will address any underlying pathology and may be therapeutic in nature until you’re free of pain. 


In short the corrective phase of training corrects dysfunctional patterns that may have been linked to your pain. It’s also where we build the foundation for later training to come.