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Body language

Just as we all have different facial features and finger prints we also have unique biochemical and orthopaedic needs. A diet that’s appropriate for one person may not be right for someone else. 


Our health coaching does not involve strict diet plans, mountains of salad or avoidance of all your favourite things. Instead we teach you to learn the language of your body so that you can create a harmonious relationship and allow optimal healing and recovery.



The approach we take is vastly different from the treatment approach that doctors, physios and most other practitioners use. While being ‘treated’ is often useful and necessary you are not engaged with the process. You are simply passive, as the therapist, doctor, pill or procedure seeks to fix your problems for you. If the underlying behaviour that caused your issues in the first place is unchanged then what’s stopping the same thing from happening again?

Our coaching model encourages self responsibility and works through behavioural change in 6 key foundation areas to create permanent shifts. These “6 Foundation Principles of Health” are:






Biological Rhythms


We seek to change the underlying root cause of your pain, illness or performance deficit so that you can overcome this challenge permanently.


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