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The body is a cybernetic being- a system of interdependent systems that work together to create the wondrous being that you are. When the body is working well each system supports all the others to allow the whole thing to do what it needs to get you up in the morning feeling fresh, get through your workouts with ample energy and get a good nights sleep.

When things go wrong, usually there’s enough capacity in the system to allow healing to occur and get you back on your way.


When things don’t heal, when pain persists longer than 8 weeks, when the same injury keeps coming back or when any symptom sticks around despite your best efforts we have to ask, “why is this not healing?"


The Wise Moves assessment process is incredibly thorough -we want to make sure we’re seeing the whole picture.


You see, the body has a particular hierarchy of needs. (See Paul Chek's totem pole image to the right )

Functions like breathing, mastication (chewing), vision and hearing are at the top, the upper cervical spine that surrounds a part of the brain stem are below that, then the gut and digestive organs, reproductive organs and then right at the bottom come the spine, limbs and musculoskeletal system - where most of your problems are, i bet!

The higher up the totem pole the more vital this function is for survival. If you can’t breath you’ll die pretty soon, right? Similarly, as an early human you wouldn’t have lasted long if you couldn’t see or eat.

If a vital function is jeopardised the body’s intelligence has no qualms sacrificing something lower down the totem pole to ensure you survive (most commonly something musculoskeletal!).


Knowing this it becomes obvious why pain and other symptoms stick around for ages and none of your efforts to get better have been completely successful. 


Dysfunction in one area (ie a restricted big toe) can lead to compensations elsewhere (ie pain in lower back)


When looking at chronic pain, recurrent injuries or chronic health issues, we must treat you as a whole and assess all these functions to ascertain what the real problem is.

Our assessment process is the most comprehensive of it’s kind. It looks at everything from postural and spinal mechanics to core function and movement quality analysis. We assess every organ and gland system, your current diet and training plan, lifestyle habits and even your psyche.

This allows us to get to the root cause of your pain, health challenge or performance deficit. This approach works where other’s fail.

So if you have random symptoms no one can figure out, pain that won't go away or you just want to find out what's stopping you from looking your best or performing at your peak then leave your details below or call me directly on the number above. 

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