of what's holding you back. Our unique assessment process is designed to track down the root cause of whatever is stopping you from operating at your best.

CHEK Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology

A holistic model of understanding the human being in order to bring healing and optimal function

Your Assessment

The first step to helping you heal, grow, perform better or become healthier is to assess where you are currently and in what ways you may be out of balance.


I use the holistic assessment process as taught by the CHEK Institute to get to the root cause of any dysfunction.

I assess everything from the top of your head to your big toe - every joint, every organ and gland system, core function, movement quality, infant development, survival reflexes, your diet and lifestyle, even your psyche - to make sure I'm seeing the whole picture.

Often the underlying root cause of your pain and dysfunction may be seemingly far removed from the symptoms you’re experiencing. A common example is a dysbiosis or imbalance of bacteria in the gut causing gastrointestinal inflammation that inhibits the deep muscles of the abdominal wall resulting in lower back or pelvic pain.

It’s only through assessing everything that I can truly get to the bottom of many issues and make sure your body is working at its best.

The orthopaedic and functional assessments are done face to face over a 2-3 hour session after you have completed a subjective analysis via questionnaires.


Your Self Management Plan

I bring all this information together and make you your personal self management plan.


This plan includes 6-12 months of exercise programming and diet+lifestyle changes.


This plan is the back bone of your work with me. It’s the template for your future exercise programs and your health coaching.

The plan also includes any specialist referrals you may need.


Areas that have a huge impact on overall health and may be causing issues elsewhere that I commonly refer out for are: Bite issues, dental and TMJ (Jaw) work, upper cervical spine dysfunction and unresolved emotional trauma just to name a few.


Ongoing Exercise Sessions

This is where the 'fun' begins!


Working with a CHEK Practitioner is not a quick fix. We seek to make permanent change by creating balance first with corrective exercise - releasing facilitated muscles and activating inhibited ones, mobilising joints, correcting posture and creating stability - Then through re-education of faulty movement patterns through functional and sports specific training.

Each session builds on where the last left off. Over the course of 6-12 months we reprogram your body, brain and nervous system to function optimally and perform at its best.

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Health Coaching

As I’ve mentioned previously, the root cause of a dysfunction may not necessarily be anywhere near the source of pain. That’s why I don’t just focus on exercise and the musculoskeletal system.

I use 6 foundational factors of health - thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, movement and biological rhythms (or sleep/wake cycles).


The way you relate to these 6 factors will largely dictate the state of your health. 

While exercise takes up a majority of the sessions you will do with your CHEK training the other 5 factors are equally if not more important.

Alongside your training I coach you on these 6 Factors. Coaching here is a process of education on connecting more deeply with your body to support your exercise goals.