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of what's holding you back. Our unique assessment process is designed to track down the root cause of whatever is stopping you from operating at your best.


At the heart of these sessions is the CHEK Assessment process that allows ME to problem solve even the most complex cases of chronic pain. No matter what symptoms you experience they are ultimately signs of imbalance in one or more of the systems that make the human body. Working with a CHEK Practitioner is a life overhaul that looks into all areas of your lifestyle, diet and movement practices. This allows your body to reestablish balance and to heal itself.

1. Your Assessment

Before I can help you get over your pain or injuries I need to know what’s going on specifically.  We need to uncover the root cause of your dysfunction.


Chronic pain is any pain that lasts longer than expected tissue healing time, typically about 8 weeks. It has very different mechanisms to acute pain.


Your brain, nervous system, immune system and even your gut may be involved. 

Often the underlying root cause of your pain and dysfunction may be seemingly far removed from the symptoms you’re experiencing. An old injury elsewhere in the body, stress or even a digestive issue could be contributing to your problems.

My assessment process is the most thorough of it’s kind. Nothing gets missed!

It’s only through assessing everything - from the top of your head to your big toe and everything in between - that we can see the whole picture. The tools and assessments i use allow me to see the body in all of it’s complexity and to truly solve problems that may otherwise leave you feeling hopeless. 


2. The Plan

Once I have completed your assessment I make a plan of how and what you need to do to be fit, strong, healthy and pain free once and for all. 

This plan will include an outline of the steps you need to take in 4 key areas of your life - mindset, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle along with recommendations for any further testing and/or relevant practitioner referrals needed to help you on your journey.

Follow the plan and I guarantee you will see results!


3. Groundwork

Working with Wise Moves is not a quick fix. 

We seek to make permanent change by rooting out the underlying problems and reprogramming your system to function optimally.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the root cause of a dysfunction may not necessarily be anywhere near the source of symptoms and pain.


That’s why I don’t just focus on exercise and the musculoskeletal system.

While exercise is ultimately of necessity to overcome chronic pain and injuries it is not always the first step. Exercise no matter how rudimentary can often exacerbate pain.

We may have to address things like past trauma, environmental toxins, hidden infections, dysbiosis, gastrointestinal inflammation and poor diet and lifestyle habits first. 


4.Your Personalised 

The bottom line is, that if you are experiencing chronic pain you will need very specific exercise in order to see permanent healing.

Pain creates changes to your nervous system and corrective exercise over rides those changes. 

Through exercise we create balance and stability, improve posture and movement habits and allow joints to function optimally alleviating stiffness, inflammation and pain.

It's only through the right exercise that you can create permanent change, overcome longstanding pain for good and get on with life with a renewed sense of purpose.

These sessions are done face to face. We meet weekly or fortnightly to adjust and progress your exercise program in order to reprogram your nervous system and create permanent change.

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During your consult we will:

  • Problem Solve To Discover What The Root Cause Of Your Pain or Health Challenge May Be

  • Discuss Why Your Previous Attempts To Get Well May Have Failed

  • Uncover What Potential Roadblocks To Healing You Face

  • Create A Rough Plan Of What You Need To Do To Ensure You Heal Properly Once and For All

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